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Date:  14. Sep 2020

Internal massage

Duration: 16:16 min

Welcome inside at Elvira's massage parlor where both staff and customers always behave inappropriately. Today, the naughty Neptune is on duty and he is no exception.

Adorable, young Freja has ordered a treatment. She says she has some pain in her legs, but maybe it's actually a completely different issue.
Freja is a bit shy and has kept shorts and panties on but Neptun quickly gets the clothes off so he can do his magic. He is an experienced masseur and can instinctively feel where the real tensions are.
Neptune works Freya's slender body, to his best ability. The man is a work-a-holic…

Freja Koch & Neptun

Sorte Slyngel m.fl.

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis