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Date:  2. Aug 2020

Misse and the balloons

Duration: 19:44 min

It's Naughty Misse’s turn to play with my big soft balloons :)

The room has been well filled with beautiful, colorful balloons and Misse is ready.
She caresses, hugs and licks on the soft balloons and sits on some of them so she can feel them between her legs.
In one balloon is a camera and you get to see from the inside when she licks the balloon lovingly and sits her naked butt on it.

Misse finally masturbates, with dildo and a stick vibrator, and cums in the company of the soft balloons.

Model: Misse Jensen

Doktor Jones & Sorte Slyngel

Editing & grade: Doktor Jones

Producer: Elvira Friis